How to book the tours?

There are many ways to book our tours:
1) Fill the form in our tour pages
2) Contact our email (a.nsaigonfoodtours@gmail.com) or the chat box in the website, and provide us your basic information (the tour you would like to book, how many people will be in the tour, your name & email, your hotel address,…)


What if I don’t find anything in these tours interesting?

If you are interested in something else, please contact us via email, website, phone number,… so that we can design a tour that is best for you. Because we are the local experts here, we are able to fix the tour that meet your demands


What if I am elderly people/ people with babies/ have some allergies/ vegetarian/ travel in a large group?

Don’t worry! We used to receive bookings with almost all of the situations. As we’ve had thousands of tours, we know how to manage/ change the itinerary so that the tour is best for you


What is the payment method for the tours?

After we finish the tour, which will satisfy you a lot, you can pay by cash (in VND or USD)


Is it ok to travel on the motorbikes?

Yes it is, your tour guides are the best drivers in this city, who’ve been taking thousands of tours & finish them safe and sound


Are the tours in actual always the same?

Yes they are! However, in some situations, the itinerary & time may change for a little (due to the traffic, vendors, weather,…). But don’t worry, we know how to make things flexible so that you can enjoy the tours!


Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we have the discounts (depending on the tour you book) for from 5 guests. Or, if you book from 2 tours, we will also have discount


Is your tour price includes everything? Do I need to pay more?

Yes, the price includes everything (food & drink, tour guide, fuel, transportation,…). You can give the tour guides tip if you feel that they make your day.


Do I have to go to a pick-up place?

No, we will pick-up & drop-off you at your hotel, or anywhere that is most convenient for you, without charging you anything else


Am I able to book the tours in the last minute?

Yes you are able to. Because our tours are private, so we can always arrange them for you, with no extra fee. So don’t worry if you want to book in the last minute


You guys seem to not have any uniform, why?

As we focus on local experience, we don’t use uniform to make you feel more like local. However, our guides are well-trained, friendly, professional, and excellent English speaking students, who are going to make your trip best