Vietnam Dong - VND Guide

Vietnam Dong – Currency & Money Essential Guide

Vietnam Dong (VND) the currency of Vietnam, is what every tourist needs to spend their holidays here. However, most of the time you are confused of the "Dong", which may make you feel uncomfortable in your trip. That's why in this blog, we will give a very detailed guide to the Vietnam Dong (VND), to answer [...]
War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City

War Remnants Museum HCMC – 100% Detailed Travel Guide

War Remnants Museum – one of the most popular things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year. If you travel to HCMC, you can not miss this must-do famous Vietnam War Museum, which shows hundreds years of Vietnam history, wars, cultures, and people. However, it is not [...]