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Food tour & city tour are the most demanded ones in Ho Chi Minh City? How about taking both with best price? In DAYTIME ADVENTURE & FOOD TOUR, we are bringing you to visit unseen parts of the city, and try the best Vietnamese food ever!

TOUR HIGHLIGHTSVisit unseen parts of HCMC & try best local Vietnamese food that you can never find
PICK-UP/DROP-OFF LOCATIONYour hotel – or any demanded location that is convenient for you
Price included everything in the tourPrivate & Flexible
Both sightseeing & foodieGuided with friendly, well-trained tour guides
You want to experience what other tourists can never experience
You want to see & hear stories about the old Saigon
You want to experience a lot of unseen places & food in a short time


A traditional unknown Vietnamese food

We will bring you to try a delicious traditional local food of Vietnam that tourists may never find themselves.  This shop was opened over 20 years ago by Vietnamese-Chinese family


The oldest apartment – touching the local life

Visit the oldest apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, which was built for the American war in Vietnam. In the vintage stunning sightseeing, we are going to see local life & stop to try some  tropical fruits.


The biggest flower market

We will visit the biggest flower in Ho Chi Minh city, where there are thousands of beautiful flowers. You can stroll around to capture pictures, smell and touch the flowers.


The 75-years-old Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee is very famous in the world because it is strong and really delicious. More than that, we are taking you to the 75-years-old coffee shop, which has the method to make coffee that only 3 coffee shop in Vietnam use!


The China Town – with 300-years-old temple

With 1,5 million Chinese-Vietnamese living for generations, the China Town is consisting of mysteries and treasures. We can visit some local market such as lanterns market, Chinese Medicine market…….. and especially, we can get a chance to visit 300 year-old temple which has a unique design and vintage decorations.


The floating market

The floating market, which most of the tourists have to come for Mekong Delta to see, is now here inside Ho Chi Minh. At there we are going to see the life of people on the boats and river, then try a fresh cold coconut, which has authentic taste from Mekong Delta


Unique food from mountainous area

District 7, the place that no tourists know about, is hiding a secret food from mountainous area of Vietnam. With the recipe that no restaurants in Vietnam have, these food are definitely satisfying every food lover


D4 – the paradise of street food

District 4 is the oldest, smallest district in Ho Chi Minh, also an island of the city, which is covered by the river. It is also famous for thousands authentic Vietnamese street food in every single alley. Here we also try one food and visit the oldest church in Ho Chi Minh, which is since 1856.

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