• Ho Chi Minh City Walking Food Tour with A.N Team
  • Nguyen Thien Thuat – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hu Tieu Cambodia
  • Banh Cuon at the oldest apartment
  • Banh Mi Hoa Ma

Visit the old town of Ho Chi Minh City, have a walk to explore the real local, unseen sights of Saigon. Here you are going to see what other tourists can never see, and try food that other tourists can never try! This tour is a must-do if you are food & culture lover!

TOUR HIGHLIGHTSWalking in the unseen old town of Saigon, trying the best authentic Vietnamese food ever
PICK-UP/DROP-OFF LOCATIONYour hotel – or any demanded location that is convenient for you
Price included everything in the tourPrivate & Flexible
Fully local experienceGuided with friendly, well-trained tour guides
You want to experience what other tourists can never experience
You want to find best unknown Vietnamese food
You have food problems (allergies, vegetarian,…) because we will redesign the tour for you

1.Heading to district 7
After greeting each others, we will take a taxi, going out of Ho Chi Minh City center, heading to district 7 – an island covered with river, which is full of awesome local food
2.Unique food from mountainous area-do a mini cooking class 
District 7, the place that no tourists know about, is hiding a secret food from mountainous area of Vietnam. With the recipe that no restaurants in Vietnam have, these food are definitely satisfying every food lover. The Chef will show you step by step of making the dish and you can do it on your own as a small cooking class
3.A walk through local sights- local market in the morning
Because you will be quite full after the first 2 food, we are going to take a walk through the local sights to see local lifestyle here, and get yourself ready for the next food. On the way, we will go to the local market and we can see how the market operates and how the locals go shopping.
4.Banh Mi Nuong Muoi Ot- Special version of Banh Mi
Continue walking to the paradise of street food and stop at the small shop with “Banh Mi Nuong Muoi Ot” , Which is the most trendy and famous in Ho Chi Minh city. You can observe the way to make and the guide will teach you how to it that food.
5. Vietnamese crab sour and sweet soup
Vietnamese culinary is so diverse in different areas in Vietnam. Next up, we will enjoy a speacial food in the souther of Vietnam . For sure, it’s a must try in HCM.
6.a dessert- banana ice-cream
We have many types of desserts in here because southern Vietnamese are fond of sweet food. We will bring you to try a delicacy, which is known as “Banana ice-cream” . But not like what you think : It’s Vietnamese style and many ingredients inside
7.The floating market- good bye time
The floating market, which most of the tourists have to come for Mekong Delta to see, is now here inside Ho Chi Minh. At there we are going to see the life of people on the boats and river, then try a fresh cold coconut, which has authentic taste from Mekong Delta. After that, we will take taxi and come back your hotel.

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