• Food Tour with A.N on motorbike
  • Bôt Chien
  • Chuoi nep nuong
  • Flower market in Ho Chi Minh
  • Floating market
  • Vienamese Pancake

Traveling while Vegetarian/Vegan in a foreign country can be tricky, luckily Vietnam is one of the more interesting places in the world to be ! Although there is no official word for Vegan/Vegetarian in Vietnamese, the term used is the word “an chay” which means that you eat vegetarian food in the same way that Vietnamese monks do which closely resemebles the vegan diet

TOUR HIGHLIGHTSVegan tour designed in the Vietnamese local way
PICK-UP/DROP-OFF LOCATIONYour hotel – or any demanded location that is convenient for you
Price included everything in the tourPrivate & Flexible
Fully local experienceGuided with friendly, well-trained tour guides
You want to experience what other tourists can never experience
You want to try best Vietnamese vegan food
You also want to explore the city in a food tour

Bot Chien – Fried rice flour

Our guide will bring you to a 3 generation Vietnamese-Chinese family, You can see the whole process  from preparing powder to making this food. We will have a seat at the table and enjoy this dish with papaya salad, peanuts, egg and soy bean sauce.That’s make you think about “Vietnamese Pizza style”


Southern Treat -Chuoi nuong nep

Vietnamese Grilled banana sticky rice is the most popular treat in Saigon. It made of banana, coconut milk and sticky rice then grilled to perfection.  Let your tongue enjoy the mix of flavors. And tell us how do you feel about this in our Vegan food tour


Vietnamese Vegetarian Pancake

Our guides will show you a  hidden restaurant in the alleyway, We will stop there for Vietnamese Vegetarian pancake. This one is a well-known food in the Saigon which is made of rice flower, turmeric together with mush room, bean spouts….. Finally, Served with a basket of herbs and vegetables. You will learn a real Vietnamese method to make the food on your own


Flower market

Time to relax !!! We will walk around the flower market to see how beautiful flower is and you can take many good pictures in here.  A good way to touch the local life in Saigon


Unique food from mountainous area – Cooking Class

District 7, the place that no tourists know about, is hiding a secret food from mountainous area of Vietnam. With the recipe that no restaurants in Vietnam have, these food are definitely satisfying every food lover. Then you will do a cooking class to make these awesome food!


The floating market

The floating market, which most of the tourists have to come for Mekong Delta to see, is now here inside Ho Chi Minh. At there we are going to see the life of people on the boats and river, then try a fresh cold coconut, which has authentic taste from Mekong Delta

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