• Food Tour with A.N on motorbike
  • Vegetarian Pho
  • Coconut ice-cream
  • Vegetarian Pancake
  • Vegetarian Steamed rice roll

Traveling while Vegetarian/Vegan in a foreign country can be tricky, luckily Vietnam is one of the more interesting places in the world to be ! Although there is no official word for Vegan/Vegetarian in Vietnamese, the term used is the word “an chay” which means that you eat vegetarian food in the same way that Vietnamese monks do which closely resemebles the vegan diet.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTSVegan tour designed in the Vietnamese local way
PICK-UP/DROP-OFF LOCATIONYour hotel – or any demanded location that is convenient for you
Price included everything in the tourPrivate & Flexible
Fully local experienceGuided with friendly, well-trained tour guides
You want to experience what other tourists can never experience
You want to try best Vietnamese vegan food
You also want to explore the city in a food tour

We will pick you up  accommodation at 6:00 PM and set off right away on the back of a motorbike. Get ready to experience the insane Vietnam traffic! The only thing that really stands between you and some awesome vegan food is the ‘daily-dice-with-death’ traffic situation, but don’t worry, your guide is an experienced driver and will calmly lead you through the traffic. Your first stop is in District 1 Here you’ll kick the tour off with “Bun cha gio chay ” and “Com Tam Chay” which is included many ingredients  and you will hear the story about the buddhism culture . Then we wil head up to a local vegan restaurant, a calm spot combined with nostalgic vibes, where you’ll savor “Banh Xeo” – vegan Vietnamese rice pancake served with fresh vegetables.

Coming over District 10 then going off-the-beaten-path and diving into Saigon’s deep-rooted culture. Visit a true maze of the biggest wholesale flower market .  On the way, We will visit the local ice-cream vendor which is opened in 1975 and try a famous coconut ice-cream.

We will drive to District 5 and pass the local streets of the nightlife. Take a spin around on the journey along the banks of the Saigon River in District 4 – The perfect time to cross the bridge to Saigon’s bustling night scene. After that, we will stop by at the small restaurant to have a unique cooking experience with local family and taste the food there. Finally, we will take you back the hotel and say goodbye.

Price:$45.00 $39.00